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Fruit Buffet

"Buffet of fruit" the first and only of its kind in Bangkok!

This trendy fruit buffet is very popular among tourists, local Thais and foreigners. Various tropical fresh fruits are available year round at the Fruit Court. Depending on season, guests can enjoy many seasonal fruits such as durian - the king of Thai fruits, mangosteen - the queen of Thai fruits, delicious ripe and raw mangoes, fresh coconut,banana,rambutan, longan, grape, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, star fruit, tamarind, orange, guava and many more at the court.

Besides a wide variety of fresh fruits, fruit ice cream, fruit sorbets, fruit juice, dried fruit, fruit in syrup, fruit jelly are also included in the buffet.

Fruit buffet price inclusive of Observation Deck on 77th floor & Revolving View Point on 84th floor is only Baht 390 / person, or fruit buffet leisure only is also available on your request.

DOUBLE PROMOTION durian fever promotion with a plus of mango fever @Baiyoke Sky Hotel

July : The Baiyoke Sky Hotel is aware of the durian customers & fan club and has furthermore extended the durian fever promotion with a plus of mango fever. Experience more than 9 types of Thai mango and more than 40 items of the promotional fruit product, fresh Mornthong durian, ripe Nam Dong Mai mango, sticky rice with durian & mango, green mango with fish sauce and fish sauce with peanut, durian & mango custard, mango pudding, durian & mango in coconut milk, sago pudding with mango, durian & mango ice cream, sweeten durian & mango and seasonal fresh fruits and the related products of more than 100 items at only THB. 390.- net per person inclusive of enter fee to the Observation Deck on 77th floor and the Revolving View Point on 84th floor, with seating time of 90 minutes at the Fruit Court on 18th floor.