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Kontent Space

"Colorful and innovative design, a new era of catering."

Designed by Karim Rashid, the famous New York designer, with his beautiful masterpieces around the world, the “Kontent Space” features the colourful and unique look that caters to every need.

This state-of-art design, Kontent Space offers the very cozy atmosphere. The place could make any of your choices; from business conference to the lively chic party or product launching fair. The pattern of the floor is designed in a pink-grey geometry-shape. The ceiling is brighten in white and the room is embraced by the light green wallpaper, the curve window frame can be coloured by LED lights to match all theme tones.

The Kontent Space is ready for all aspects of meeting, seminar or any party and is also suitable for the activity of a small theater set up at the capacity of 200 persons, 180 persons for classroom meeting, 400 persons for cocktail party and 250 persons for buffet fun. Price of catering service at the Kontent Space starts from Bht.700.- and up.

Beyond the edge of your catering, please contact Catering Sales Department Tel. 0-2656-3456 ext. 72145 or E-mail: [email protected]