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Luxury Caravan Buffet

Baiyoke Sky Hotel invites you to participate fully in class than I have in the "Luxury Caravan Buffet" Buffet style.

Selection of premium luxury food. The finest ingredients from around the world. The caravans are more than 10 vehicles with more than 60 menu items.

Has been selected as the most carefully prepared by the ... Top Chef. The guests in the VIP room, where "Luxury Caravan Buffet" maintains its mellow flavor of food.Combines modern design with a unique mix of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Europe will enjoy the taste of food. And the concept of a buffet that is. "Eating is not" impressed with the level of service, 5 stars.

*Inclusive of buffet, entry to the Observation Deck on 77th and Revolving View Point on 84th floors.